So this post is late SUPER LATE. What the heck. I’ll post it anyway.

So about a little over two weeks ago, Me, Erica and little guy Jack all packed our stuff and spent a weekend at Baguio. Just in time for the Flower Festival more popularly known as PANAGBENGA!

So here was Day 1 in a flash  (Flash Presentation that is.)

We got there around 5:30 AM  – way earlier than the expected 7am ETA. We left Manila via the Victory Liner Bus around 11:30 pm and man, was there a lot of people.  It looked like Panagbenga in the Cubao branch with all that people.

As soon as we arrived in Baguio, we started lining up for our return ticket already. We were in line for about 2 hours but nothing beats the peace of mind and knowing that you will surely make it back in time for Monday’s work.

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Day 1 was about Street Dance All significant participant groups strutted down Session Road until Burnham Park with their flowery clothes or their group uniforms or what have they. We were watching from a pretty bad spot so we didn’t get much nice photos. Apologies.

We also snuck it a short horse back riding trip in Wright Park right after a late lunch. But the short trip from Burnham to Wright  turned to be 2 hour cab ride. Thank God for cheaper Cab fare in the north.

Day 2 – The Float Parade

Day two was all about the beautiful flower-embedded floats of companies trying to turn Panagbenga into a marketing/advertising gig. We had our own favorites like:

1. (don’t remember the company)

2. LBC


4. Dunkin Donuts

5. Red Horse Beer
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Soon after the Float Parade, we snuck in some activities of our own like going to Burnham to go biking, riding the swan boat, eating at Red Orange.

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It was a very short but sweet trip. Hope to do it again next time!

2 thoughts on “PANAGBENGA 2011

  1. esgie says:

    helluva fun!

  2. welcome to wordpress, cindy! haha!

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