Hi! My name is Cindy Burdette. Most of my newer friends call me Cindy, Rose, Cindy Rose (most irritating of all) – but to those who’ve known me my whole life, I’m simply ” Cinz “. I’m a lesbian and proud of it. Erica, in the picture with me, is my girlfriend of 4 years. We live in one of the dirtiest cities int he country – hello Pasay! My 3-year-old nephew, Jack, whom we are crazy about, lives with us. As well as my aunt who takes care of Jack when I’m not around.
Erica and Me
I graduated in pretty prominent university in the country so everyone’s expecting me to be proper and tailored. To many people’s shock and disappointment, I’m not. I simply refuse to be tailored to a particular type cast. SO please beware – this blog may contain hate rants and even explicit content. Just kidding. Well not really.

I work at a communications company and currently handle Digital PR and Media. So my job is to be on the internet.

Expect a lot of non-sense topics and some food for thought in this blog. Thanks for dropping by and reading this!



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