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Social Media Is Not the Answer

The high penetration of Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter among Filipinos have caused a ground-shaking shift among companies and their traditional marketing strategies. Just this week, I happened to witness several of these paradigm shifts among brands.



Many company executives and brand managers think that if they put their brand on the internet, be it on Facebook or Twitter, it’ll generate online buzz and interest for them. I guess by now you’ve learned this is not true after your lackluster page has only 500 likes after 2 months and several thousand pesos on promos and giveaways.

The real key is still how you use it. SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE TOOL FOR YOUR ANSWERS.

What this means is that Social Media is only the vessel or tool that is available to you once you’ve ALREADY identified the answer to your problem.

Is your brand lacking in brand awareness? Social media is not the answer. The answer is increasing brand awareness through effective communication plans. One tool that could help you achieve this is Social media.

Is your product unavailable to your customers? The answer is not Social Media but instead increasing customer channels for product distribution. Again, the internet particularly social media, can help your customers locate your stores or even facilitate online purchases.

Many brand executives think that by having these SM accounts, they’ve got social media covered already. Sorry to have to break it to you but it’s not. Being present is just one step in the marathon, sister.

You can’t just pay Facebook for online advertising and report to operations that “hey, my page has 1,000,000 likes”. What does your 1M likes mean when none of them contribute to your page or say a word about your brand. Social media is just high-tech word-of-mouth. You still have to consider that Content Is King. At the end of the day, what you do with what they have to say about what you said or is saying or doing is still the end-goal.

Companies who think they’re ready for the digital shift can’t say so unless they complete understand the framework (or lack thereof) of Social Media. With Social Media, you can park your Marketing 101 lessons and really go for user experience, sharing, word-of-mouth in a more cost-effective manner that we are all used to. Until companies can say that “a significant amount of our resources should go into developing our social media strategy” instead of just creating SM accounts, shall they can call themselves “aware” of what social media is.


Sorry for the verbal diarrhea this late at night. A sudden stream of thoughts just came to me and had to find a way to write them down. For more coherent and logical posts relating to Social Media as a brand tool, let me get back to you on that in the morning. Good night!


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Office Gossip 101

I’m still in the office because I came in later than usual. Given the privilege of flexitime – I have enough time to write this as I while away the minutes.

In the place I work, office gossip is deeply ingrained in the culture. Not to say that it is always negative and detrimental, but it does exist. Sometimes, we gossip jokes, funny lines and funny stories. And then some not so funny.

So I decided to write this very short Office Gossip 101 I put together for the past 1.5 years of my corporate slavery.

1. Don’t start the gossip. – If you really have to say something, make sure you ain’t starting it. You down want to be the seed of doom, do you?
2. Never outright mention that you know a gossip. Just say you heard something like… – In this way, you will never be accused of what is officially known in our discipline handbook as “Rumor Mongering” haha.
3. Make sure that you tell your gossip to someone who feels the same way – The most common mistake in Office Gossip is that you don’t even know the opinion of the B person about the C person you are gossiping about and you go on blabbering. Then boom. You are screwed.
4. Make sure you are NOT heard – this is so obvious that explaining it is embarrassing to you.
5. Less talk, less charges. Know the saying “Less talk, less mistake” ? well same case here. The less you blabber, the less people have against you. So say your piece once and then stop. Let the natural rumor mongering instinct of our kind due the rest of the work.

More importantly, DON’T RUMOR MONGER ANYONE AND ANYTHING. It’s disrespecting to that person and more importantly, to the human intellect. If this is your habit, stop because you might just be a waste of matter.