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How Ensemble E-Travel Almost Ruined It


It’s been a really long while since I last wrote something anything in my blog! In my shallow defense, Macky (my trusty Macbook) stopped working for about a  month and then internet signal was fluctuating due to the successive typhoons that hit Manila.

Lo! Got a working laptop already and internet is back to normal! So shall my blogging activities. Enough about this crap. Palawan it is.

We went to Palawan via group deals from Ensemble E-Travel. And boy were we in for a disappointing experience. But don’t worry, the Palawan Experience was terrific, just several problems brought by the travel agency.

Beware in getting deals from this agency. All of them, including their CEO, has been known to be rude and BASTOS.


1. Several months before our scheduled travel, Ensemble (“The Agency”) booked us in A&A Hotel, a city lodge/hotel, instead of Kookabura Lodge which was supposedly walking distance from the shore. This was five months before our trip, how could have it been fully booked then? But, giving them the benefit of the doubt, we agreed PROVIDED that they gave us the a room with the same price.

2. Promo hotel < Originally included Hotel

The declared value of our room in Kookabura was around 1500PHP and we were expecting the same room value in A&A Plaza hotel. However, when we checked in, we were assigned to a promo room – no windows, 2 single beds (and the deal was titled romantic getaway) and we eventually learned that the room rented for 599PHP per night. What a cheapskate right? We talked to the front desk officer named Princess and she told us she would try to get us a queen sized bed. After several minutes, she called back and said there no available rooms. We complained about this but she said that Ensemble was the one who picked the room, not them and they are only authorized to carry out what was previously agreed upon. Boohoo.

3. Honda Bay Island Hopping fiasco

On the second day of the trip, the schedule said Honda Bay Island Hopping. We waited for the van to fill up with people. The driver said “6 tayo lahat” (We’re 6 all in all). Knowing that we were the first ones their, we headed back to the buffet to eat some more. When we thought that we were the ones being waited on, we went back to the van. The driver now said “9 pala tayo” (We’re 9 now). Surprised but curious we waited in the van. Then, the last upgrade – “12 pala tayo lahat (There will be 12 of us)”.

The questions we had in mind were: 1) did we bring enough stuff to accomodate 12, 2) did we have enough food to cater the 6 additional pax, 3) was the trip going to be overcrowded? Fortunately, Manong (our tour guide) was kind and caring enough so the Island Hopping turned out well. But, what we didn’t know was that Manong wasn’t even supposed to come. His duties ended with providing transpo and getting us a bangka (boat). Just imagine if he had not had the kind heart to assist us. Then we’d really lose it with this Ensemble agency.

While in Honda Bay, we learned that Ensemble f*cked up not only our arrangements but all the other sub-groups in our Island Hopping escapade. The other group of girls were being threatened by Ensemble that they’d cancel the island hopping if they really wanted to go on a separate underground river tour. What’s that about? Then there was this family that had to pay extra 900 per head for the airfare because they couldn’t find a trip on a Cebu Pacific plane on the dates the family wanted to go so they booked a more expensive flight. That’s not the family’s problem if I’m not mistaken.

Over-all it was a PISS-POOR SERVICE from Ensemble E-Travel. Their representatives do not have an ounce of ownership to their work and their hotlines do not work. They are such a bad travel agency.

Though cheap, always think about the quality of your trip and make sure to be makulit and always on top of the details of your travel.


Ensemble E-Travel


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So this post is late SUPER LATE. What the heck. I’ll post it anyway.

So about a little over two weeks ago, Me, Erica and little guy Jack all packed our stuff and spent a weekend at Baguio. Just in time for the Flower Festival more popularly known as PANAGBENGA!

So here was Day 1 in a flash  (Flash Presentation that is.)

We got there around 5:30 AM  – way earlier than the expected 7am ETA. We left Manila via the Victory Liner Bus around 11:30 pm and man, was there a lot of people.  It looked like Panagbenga in the Cubao branch with all that people.

As soon as we arrived in Baguio, we started lining up for our return ticket already. We were in line for about 2 hours but nothing beats the peace of mind and knowing that you will surely make it back in time for Monday’s work.

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Day 1 was about Street Dance All significant participant groups strutted down Session Road until Burnham Park with their flowery clothes or their group uniforms or what have they. We were watching from a pretty bad spot so we didn’t get much nice photos. Apologies.

We also snuck it a short horse back riding trip in Wright Park right after a late lunch. But the short trip from Burnham to Wright  turned to be 2 hour cab ride. Thank God for cheaper Cab fare in the north.

Day 2 – The Float Parade

Day two was all about the beautiful flower-embedded floats of companies trying to turn Panagbenga into a marketing/advertising gig. We had our own favorites like:

1. (don’t remember the company)

2. LBC


4. Dunkin Donuts

5. Red Horse Beer
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Soon after the Float Parade, we snuck in some activities of our own like going to Burnham to go biking, riding the swan boat, eating at Red Orange.

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It was a very short but sweet trip. Hope to do it again next time!