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Thou Shall Not throw “The Finger”

When you have a clear window car, that is.

This morning, in my jolly happy vibe, I got sandwiched in the bus lane in EDSA near Ayala flyover. I tried to move to the next lane to avoid the buses and behold, the champagne-colored Toyota Fortuner with Plate ZEA652 cut me off – complete with the stare down and the second look. To my violent reflexes, I threw “the” finger inside my car. To me, throwing and flashing “the” finger is as common as it gets in EDSA with the Image from cheapsignals.blogspot.comproliferation of dumb drivers not to mention drunk and stoned bus drivers. So in my head, this was just another flashed finger in the lot.

And that’s where things got pretty bad.

The driver/owner (but I put my money on owner since he’s clad in denim jeans, and USA T-shirt – balikbayan I guessed) stopped in the middle of the road, got out and cursed me and the whole 9-yards of abrasive Pinoy words and threats.

I didn’t apologize and instead told him off. I even waved good-bye (of course to irritate him more). I truly felt sorry that it pissed him to that point but the barrage of curses and threats afterwards seemed unnecessary already.

Luckily, he wasn’t a Congressman like Rep. Pangandaman or some high-riding police or drunk PSG, I might’ve gotten shot. Thing is Erica was with me in the car. This is a first for me.

Lesson learned: Tint your cars.

Photo from Spot.ph

The famous Duterte Finger in Play Photo from Spot.ph

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